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Codebots is a set of collaborative tools that enables your team to build apps faster while giving you real-time visibility of your project and control over your IP.

Refocus your resources
on what matters.

Own your IP.

We have no vender lock-in and will never charge you to maintain ownership of your intellectual property and source code.

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Boost quality.

Our bots write code that is reliable, human-readable and easy to extend, reducing technical debt and improving the quality of your team's projects.

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Save time.

Get your project to market 8.3 times faster, saving you time and money.

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Fuel productivity with
our collaborative tools.

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Coordinate your team's projects and tasks from the Plan section which is based on Agile methodologies.


The Build section allows team members to collaborate in real-time when modelling your application's code.


Codebots' written code helps reduce human errors. The platform also enables your team to define test scenarios using a block builder, reducing the need for manual coding.


Full access to your code repository complete with bot-written documentation, API and developer notes. With no vender lock-in, your team can now run the application on any local environment.

How does Codebots help
your developers?

Model your front and back end on Codebots to create your 100% developer-readable code base. Your team can customise the bot-written code, with a focus on creating unique solutions for your business.

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Interested in the Codebots platform but need a development team?

Codebots partners with a software development company, WorkingMouse, to provide our customers with full service application delivery. With experience in using the Codebots Platform, they can build for you and customise the source code to fit your application needs.

WorkingMouse CEO Matty

Start modelling your app today.