Model your server-side and client-side on Codebots to create 100% developer-readable code base, ready to be customised.

Frameworks for full stack development.

Model your app on the platform for the codebot to create source code in the stack of your choice.

Each bot comes with support documentation, including articles and videos, to help you make the most of the platform and customise your code.

Spring Angular


SpringBot is a full-stack bot that writes Java code, paired with an Angular clientside.

C# React


C#Bot is a full-stack bot, paired with a React clientside.

How does a codebot

Each codebot follows the model-driven software development process in a special way by creating a tight coupling between code and documentation.


The entity diagram defines the architecture of the application.

User Interface

The user interface diagram is where we define our user interface pages and their content.


The security diagram is where we define our groups and permissions. Giving us full control over what groups can access which business objects.

There’s CRUD and then there’s Codebots CRUD.

At the core of Codebots is the ability to quickly model and prototype CRUD/Database applications.

Front-end UI

Out of the box, bot-written code includes a basic front-end CRUD design to display your data and includes in-built functionalities such as pagination, search, filters, sort and more.

Industry standard

Front-end elements in the bot-written code follows industry standards and best practices for HTML accessibility, and the default CSS colour schemes also adhere to AA accessibility standards.

Easy admin

Apps built with Codebots offer admin users complete and flexible data governance controls.

Inbuilt security

Bot-written code takes into consideration the top 10 vulnerabilities for open web applications, in accordance with OWASP standards, to keep your app as secure as possible.

Avoid coding repetitive application behaviours.

Behaviours are modelled after features which are found commonly in applications. When added to your model, they become a pattern of functionality for your bot-written code.



Add runtime configurable forms or surveys that can capture user submissions.


The user behaviour allows you to control which users and groups can access particular parts of your application, including standard login and registration features.


Runtime configurable transitions between states on an entity that allow you to build wizards and use workflows.

What's in your source

Git repository

Codebots can host a free, private repository for your app or you can use your own. Our bots set up the file and data structure in your git repository for the source code complete with full bot-written documentation, APIs and developer notes. Any updates to your app on the Codebots platform will be written into its dedicated branch in the repository, so you can continue to maintain your project alongside what our bots write.

Protected regions

A protected region is a way of taking the ownership of snippets of code away from the bot. Code in protected regions can be customised by developers so further snippets can be added and will not be overwritten when you update your app in Codebots.

N-Tier architecture

Applications built with Codebots are based on multitier architecture, which is a client-server architecture where presentation, application processing and data management functions are physically separated to ensure the project is secure, flexible and scalable.

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Swagger icon GraphQL icon

Developer APIs

Codebots apps comes with two APIs, REST API and GraphQL, to provide basic CRUD integration to fetch and mutate data for all business objects or other entities within the application. The REST API was created to meet the OpenAPI/Swagger specification with complete and interactive documentation available.

For every step of your app development journey.






Map out your project using our Pro Plan boards. Configurable status columns can help you track using issues and boards throughout development.


The Codebots visual builder comes with pre-built Behaviours that you can drag-and-drop into your application to save time. You can generate and preview a fully-functional demo of your target application directly from the platform.


The Pro Plan test builder gives you the ease and peace of mind of a tested application, minimising the manual coding required.


Codebots writes the code to your repository, which you can export, customise and run on any local environment.

Start modelling your app today.