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Using Academy

This article will walk you through the Academy; the place where you can expand your knowledge and become Codebots qualified.

The Codebots Academy is where you can learn all you need to know about Codebots, and become qualified in everything from building applications on the platform to working with our bots.

The Academy has four sections:

  1. Home: A quick overview of your recent activity on the Academy, and courses you are currently working through.
  2. Explore: A list of all of our available courses.
  3. My History: An overview of your progress, and a list of your completed courses.


Courses are self-paced qualifications that group together lessons into a range of topics. Our courses are extremely flexible. Though we have a recommended structure to follow, you can start and stop lessons within a course in any order you choose. We will save your progress so you can come back and continue at any time.

A number of courses also have assessment tasks so you can test your knowledge (denoted by a blue colouring and medal icon). Assessment can be either an automatically marked quiz, or a practical excercise where we ask you to submit what you have built for review. Submitting your work for review allows a member of our Academy team to give you personalised feedback.

As new features are developed on the platform, we release new courses. Be sure to check back on the Academy to up-skill on learning how to add new features and work with the codebots to improve your application.


Lessons are content which we are trying to teach you. Most lessons are comprised of links or embedded content from our Library articles. The lessons are often broken down into multiple pages with different focuses on each page. We do recommend you progress through those pages in order, unless we direct you to do otherwise.

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