See how you can get the most value out of the Codebots platform in our upcoming online workshops.

Codebots workshops

Let us show you how you can develop apps faster using Codebots

Who: These workshops are designed for anyone who is interested in using Codebots. From development teams/agencies, to product owners, or even developers wanting to try out new tech, all are welcome!

Cost: Free

Time: 45 minutes

When: Check out the available dates below

What does the workshop cover?

Learn how you can build an app using our diagramming tool

See how easy it is to get an app up and running

We take a look at the bot-written source code and how developers can work with it

An overview of Plan and Test, which help make the development process easier than ever

Watch the bots set up your file structure and write 1000s of lines of code in real time

See the bots rewrite your code within minutes after you make a major change to the app

Answer any of your questions

If you're interested in attending a workshop but the times don't suit you, feel free to contact us.

Start modelling your app today.