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The Problem with Low-Code

  • Loss of control suppresses innovation
  • Outdated code dictated by platform
  • Vendor locked — pay extra to access your source code

The Beauty of Codebots

  • Keep control and enable true innovation
  • Empower software developers and citizen developers alike
  • Avoid vendor lock — own the source code, models, and templates

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What is Codebots capable of?

Create full-stack apps

Use C#Bot or SpringBot to create a full-stack application. Or create your own bot in your preferred technology stack.

C Sharp Logo Spring Logo


Build an application with a .NET Core backend and React (TypeScript) frontend.

Better API integrations

Use a bot to write the integration code between different systems. OpenAPI, RAML, whatever the format a codebot can help

API integrations overview

Cybersecurity secure

Are you prepared for a cyber attack? Ensure the standards in your organisation by using a codebot to make sure the code is secure.

Codebots Security Settings

Empower citizen developers

Are you finding it hard to access professional developers? You can empower citizen developers but not put your professional developers off because they remain in control.

Entity diagram

Encapsulate legacy

Build an anti-corruption layer around your legacy system to help with your migration project.

Legacy migration

Import your database and start modernising

Build 100's of apps with ease

Are you pumping out 100's of apps and need to increase productivity using our tools to while maintaining a high standard? A bot can help with quality at speed.

Codebots build process

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