Working at

We're a team of developers, designers, marketers, and all-around awesome people located in Brisbane, Australia.

One of the Codebots teams

At Codebots, we value your employee experience and ensure that people are at the heart of our software. People being our customers and you - the employees that keep our company moving.

Whilst everyday at Codebots is different, one thing is for certain; there will always be people to reach out to and share a laugh with.

Our Values

Initiative but not a lone wolf
Urgency but not rushed
Fun but not unprofessional
Scientific but not heartless

Work with us

We are always on a hunt for software devs to join our team - if you have experience or are keen to learn a wide range of tech (C#, Java, PHP) and work with modern tech frameworks (React, Angular and of course, Codebots) - we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us with details of your skills and experience and what you can bring to the Codebots team!
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