5 rules of Codebots

by Eban Escott, Jul 06, 2017

A codebot inspires the imagination and sparks so many questions. Code that writes code is mind boggling to start with. Add in the technical complexities of a code-writing platform and it’s hard to keep up. That’s why we have “The Rules”.
Unlike Fight Club, where the only rule is “do not talk about Fight Club”, Codebots has 5 rules:
  1. Codebots are complementary to Agile methodologies
  2. Codebots write code that is developer-readable
  3. Codebots aim to write 100%, but we don't expect it
  4. Codebots write both the development and testing targets
  5. Codebots cannot write their own internal code
Another contrast between Fight Club and Codebots is that to us these rules are unbreakable.

Why does Codebots have rules?

Codebots is an incredible idea, but a codebot is not a silver bullet. You cannot get your hands on one and then brush your hands and let it do its thing. Like any process that involves humans, garbage in means garbage out. A codebot will be an effective member of your business process so long as you understand how to input the things you need to get the outcomes you want.
This is why it's important that the codebot concept is implemented in the way it was intended. Hence these 5 unbreakable rules.
All around the world, techies are exploring new possibilities and discovering new boundaries. Team Codebots is focused solely on unlocking the amazing potential of codebots, with the goal of enabling humans to code less but create more. And to do that we created “The Rules”.
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for early access.