A new Codebots logo thanks to our community helpers!

by Indi Tansey, Apr 28, 2017

For the past several weeks, our designers have been exploring the different directions we could take for the Codebots brand. To test our favourite two logo designs, we surveyed more than 100 designers, developers, business owners, and tech enthusiasts to get their help.
The majority of respondents wanted Codebots to be friendly and relatable (but not too cutesy), while still being simple and tech-focused. Neither of our shortlisted styles satisfied our respondents.
The real value of doing market research became clear when we realised we had missed something. Something big. The preferred logo (right) is comparable to a certain part of the female anatomy! Not a great look for an inclusive and diverse startup.

Best of both worlds Or A new path?

Based on the survey feedback, we made the following decisions:
  • Unique to us: Our new design incorporates the c & b of codebots, as this was a popular element of previous iterations
  • Code relevant: We shaped the c & b to resemble the brackets </> used to write code
  • Friendly: We added eyes • • to create a friendly face
  • Modular: We made the shape of the brackets hexagonal, promoting a visualisation of  building code in blocks
  • Inclusive: We settled on blue (a common colour in tech) and hot pink colour combination
The one thing we know for sure is that Codebots and it's branding is going to evolve (check out the unrecognisable original Twitter logo!). The Codebots experiment is one of community-driven change and disruption. We're designing this awesome platform for you, so please keep hitting us up with your ideas and opinions.
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