Codebots has another Community Builder... and it’s me

by Rosie Odsey, Sep 27, 2017

Hi! I’m Rosie and I started at Codebots at the end of August. 
You may know me from the Precinct, Startup Digest or QUT Starters. Heck, you might know me from high school or when I worked as a waitress. You might even know me from that one event that one time.
(Or you might not know me. I like you too.)
This is just me introducing myself and talking a bit about Codebots and my role here. Warning: personal journey cliches incoming.

How did I get here?

I didn’t dream of being a Community Builder at Codebots when I was 7. That’s because neither the title nor the company existed. It has been an interesting path that has led me here. Kind of like jumping from branch to branch on a tree that’s growing faster than I can jump.

Stepping off the traditional path

I studied finance and accounting and while I did that, I was climbing the retail management ladder and trying to make a living out of sales. An interesting thing happened towards the end of my accounting degree. I had just finished an internship at what I considered a prestigious firm and was rather down because the work hadn’t grabbed me. I had done two interstate interviews for graduate positions. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. That’s when I somehow ended up at a Startup Weekend. I say somehow because my life wasn’t in the startup world until then. I had been a salesperson and a student and not much else.It was an incredible experience. I met an improbable number of my current close friends at that Startup Weekend. That was the weekend that got me to install Instagram and Twitter. That was the weekend I turned down the graduate offers.That was the weekend I became part of this community.

Asking for help (and people saying yes!)

A semester, a few hackathons and some events later, I ended up president of QUT Starters, the startup and entrepreneurship club at my university. That’s when Startup Hatch happened. Startup Hatch was a program that we opened up to any QUT students who wanted to start something. It was an application process, pitches, team-formation, workshops, and more pitches. Creating and implementing this program took a lot out of this small student team. So we asked for help. There were proposals and coffees and a grant application. There were all nighters. Help came in droves. In the end we had 15 sponsors and partners and dozens of people asking how they could help. And so Startup Hatch happened.I came out feeling like I actually belonged to this community.

The Precinct

After taking a trip through social media, content creation, and consulting, I ended up at the Precinct, where I managed the IRL community that existed there. It wasn’t all event bookings and facilities though. It was checking in with the founders who had become friends and hearing about their latest crises (boo) and wins (yay). It was the daily conversations in the kitchen where we talked about coffee-making, the merits and demerits of blockchain, and grant applications. It was the odd chat about getting female representation in job applicants, let alone the team.I came out feeling more like I belonged to this community than I could have ever hoped for.And now I'm at Codebots.

What's Codebots?

Codebots is…...non-scary code for creatives....the means to ship a better product, faster....a tool to spend less time coding and more time creating....where bots and humans work together.Codebots is a platform where you plug in your requirements and our bots generate a ready-made web app for you. They’ll also test it and deploy it.If you’re the tinkering kind, you can add your custom code to the back end.If you like playing with the look of things, you can play with the front end code too.If you’re getting people to do this for you, you can view all of the project details distilled on a dashboard.And if you’re just curious, there is a lot you can create and play with on the platform.(If this isn’t enough to sate your interest, take a look at the 5 Rules of Codebots and the FAQs.)Needless to say, I’m super keen to be at this company. As someone who sits on the fence between being tech-savvy and technically skilled, this product is going to be revolutionary.Think about how you would learn how to code if you were armed with a codebot.Think about how much fewer barriers to entry there are for those who haven’t had the opportunities to learn how to code from scratch.Think about what will be created that wouldn’t have been!I’ve been a WorkingMouse fan for a long time and now working for Eban and Indi, I’m so excited to be setting up the Codebots community along with Tiah.

Keep an eye on Codebots (and me)

Curious about Codebots?
If you want, I can send you regular emails about how things are going leading up to beta, as well as some blog posts that the Codebots team and I are putting together. Just head here.
Codebots is also great to follow on Twitter (I just got the login so I promise it’s great to follow). You can also follow me if you can handle the live-tweeting storms when events are on.

And what am I doing here?

I’m the Community Builder for Codebots and I’m responsible for the product and member experience. While my counterpart, Tiah, is out there shouting from the rooftops about Codebots, I’ll be busy designing and implementing the beta program, and gathering all of the feature requests, bug reports, feedback, and compliments to deliver to the product team. Tiah and I will also be integral to getting the Codebots Academy going and setting up the Codebots Community site.Codebots is still in the oven. We’ve implemented it internally at Working Mouse but later this year we’ll be doing our beta launch to get it awesome before public launch in 2018. Currently I’m working on getting the beta ready, and I’m ready to start talking about it.


I’d like to catch up. If you have worked on a software project as a project owner, UX/UI designer, project manager, business analyst or if you’re an entrepreneur or software engineer, I’d love to talk to you. If I know you, take this as me asking a personal favour. If I don’t know you, I’d love to get to know you. If you’re in the Brisbane area, and you’re open to chatting about our upcoming beta launch, please email me.You never know, you might get super early beta access out of this ‎😉.