Codebots Startup Awarded $250,000 by Ignite Ideas

by Indi Tansey, Apr 21, 2017

The future belongs to those who dream big, and we dream of disrupting the disruptors. We dream of humans and bots working together to get sh!t done! Now, our dreams are one step closer to becoming a reality.
We are pleased to announce Advance Queensland's Ignite Ideas Fund is investing in Codebots. Advance Queensland supports the development of awesome and innovative products, processes or services. Its goal is to help make Queensland the innovation capital of Australia.
Codebots is one of 80 recipients sharing in the $10 million Round 2 offering of the Ignite Ideas Fund. As a Tier 1 recipient, Codebots will receive $250,000 in funding.
The grant is helping us build the Codebots platform, which will launch in 2018. On the platform, users will be able to express the purpose of their software applications in a way that a codebot understands. The codebot will then write the majority of the required code. This would allow businesses to innovate quicker and experiment with shorter business cycles.
The Codebots vision is for humans to unleash their inner creativity by partnering with bots who can do the heavy lifting that traditionally sinks software projects with technical debt and legacy.
Ok, so Codebots is an awesome idea, but can it live up to expectations? Yes! How do I know? Because it already does. WorkingMouse is a service business that has used the Codebots platform to write millions of lines of code across dozens of real apps (such as SafeWorkPro). We are always evolving our bots to be faster, smarter, and to take shorter lunch breaks.
 Codebots is the next step in the evolution of WorkingMouse & Codebots co-founder Eban Escott's vision.
A passionate community of developers, designers, product managers, and anyone else with awesome, innovative, and industry-disrupting solutions will drive Codebots.
The first codebot off the ranks is Lampbot. Lampy can write 300k lines of code in a minute. To put that into perspective, that's the whole Harry Potter series, three times over! Now that's magic. It would take the average developer months to write that much code.
 We would like to thank Advance Queensland and our innovation partners. This grant moves us closer to a world where we can spend less time coding and more time creating!
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