Finger on the pulse: Gold Coast's innovation scene

by Mitchell Tweedie, Oct 26, 2017

I was gauging the pulse of Gold Coast's innovation scene at last Friday's Intelligent Health Innovation Showcase, and boy was it racing! 

Hundreds of doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and public sector representatives were in attendance. (There were even reports of a shark!)

The showcase managed to combine an impressive programme of speakers (including QLD Health CIO Dr. Richard Ashby and Dr. Glen ‘#SharkTankAU' Richards) with open mic discussion and ideas sharing. 

You know how most times an audience is asked "any questions?" all you hear is crickets, well not at Gold Coast University Hospital. Nothing but top notch presentations with an engaged audience.
There were some highlights, such as Michael Metcalfe's showcase of Kynd's personalized solution to one of Australia's most personal issues: in-home care.

But one of the underlying themes of the day was not so much innovation itself, but the barriers to innovation. Many cool and interesting ideas on the cusp of creating real change in our health space are being hamstrung by tech issues, particularly poor technical scaling. 

Seeing as I was there representing Codebots, I had lots to say and lots of people to say it to.

Codebots leverages models and code-writing robots to enable rapid and massive scaling and the best part is, it's all on the cloud.

Codebots enables small teams who would rather spend time creating than coding (easily the main audience at the showcase) to release sooner and scale bigger!
Between the speeches and the open mic, there was much networking to be had, with Codebot's own, Tiah Goldstein connecting people with bright ideas like it was nobody's business.

I think BeachCity had already interviewed everyone else and their mothers, because they grabbed me for a quick Facebook Live as we were packing up. You can barely tell I am nervous. 

Overall, I was very impressed with our hosts intelliHQ and Gold Coast University Hospital, the showcase ran like a well-oiled machine and was worth the time.

See you next time intelliHQ!
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