“I’m here to help you! Learn?” Introducing Joe

by Joseph Robinson, Dec 06, 2017

Hi, good to meet you, my name’s Joe, and as I’m writing this, it’s my first week working at Codebots. When I was younger and shorter, I wrote eclectic (bad) fiction and comic scripts, and graduated (literally and professionally) into academic and corporate writing.

Learning to write

I completed an internship at the Queensland Writers Centre, worked as a grant writer, and then kept writing as a Technical Writer. It sounds like a consistent pathway when I talk about it in hindsight, but there were more than a few twists in the path.

So if you were wondering, yes I still make typos. I still need to check my style guides for grammar rules, since I can’t remember them all. And I still feel like I have a lot to learn (and a lot of good books from great authors to read).

Learning to ask for help

I’ve asked for a lot of help from mentors, and from other people I’ve met who know way more than I do. Listening to their advice has provided me with some of the most useful skills in my toolbox.

It was the act of asking for help that changed my direction on the pathway for the better. If you ever need help, ask for it.

Learning to listen to your instincts

The take home message, or the bit of wisdom I guess, is one of the best thinking tools passed on to me: stop and pay attention to what you’re doing, and listen to your instincts. I’ve been able to keep going as a professional writer because my instincts tell me to stay curious, stay interested, and accept help from mentors if it’s offered. And as a Technical Writer for the Codebots Academy, I bring the best of my writing experience.

Learning about movies!

And now for some references to movies! I’m also an avid film-goer, and to get to know me a bit better, I’ve written a list: these are descriptions of my top five movies. These films have come along at a key point in my life, or they’ve stood out as in some way. The characters were compelling, or there was a message in the story that I connected with. Don’t we all have movies that have helped map out our lives?

Learning about my top five movies

I want to avoid spoilers if possible, so here’s just the plot synopsis. Can you guess the titles?
  • A superhero has to reclaim the hearts and minds of a city terrorised by a criminal mastermind who’s one step ahead of everyone.
  • A family of superheroes have to deal with changing times, and step out of retirement, to stop a mastermind who’s one step ahead of everyone.
  • A journalist uses his platform to stand up to an oppressive senator.
  • Two women in the United States become entrepreneurs, and weather the storm of running a small business in an effort to improve their lives.
  • A weekend trip, and meditation on the ethics of creating life, moves along smoothly until the power goes out. One character, surprised at the dull start to his weekend, asks “they do eventually plan to have dinosaurs on their dinosaur tour?” Later, he remarks “life finds a way”.

Learning about Codebots with the Academy

And I know what you’re thinking. I’m about to point out what all these movies have in common, and link it into some big, overarching point. But I don’t want to get bogged down in pop-culture trivia (save that for the pub). Instead, I’d just like to say that the value of the science fiction genre is to show us what is possible.

But Codebots is not something out of a movie. It’s not sci-fi. It’s a real, helpful AI.

One of the most useful features of Codebots, I think, is that Codebots enables people to explore building their own applications without having to know code and design inside out (no, that was not a reference to a Pixar film).

Codebots works for everyone. And if you have the same thoughts I have -- that sometimes you know you have more to learn -- the Codebots Academy can help you to become more literate in Codebots. 

The Codebots Academy can teach you what you need to know to get the most out of using Codebots to create your project.

My writing will mainly be for the Academy, where you’ll find content to help your project reach its potential, and content to help you keep learning to infinity, and beyond (that was a Pixar reference). And like good writers have done in the past, I can’t wait to take the time to read, write, and rewrite until the Academy content and Codebots content works. Until it gives you the most useful information when you need it.
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for early access.