Introducing Lana and the Codebots Academy

by Lana Brindley, Oct 24, 2017

Hi! My name is Lana, and I’m the newest addition to the Codebots team. I’m going to be working on the Codebots Academy, which is the place that people in our community can go to get all the really deep information that you need to understand what codebots do, and how to really get the most out of your bots.
My career has been in technical documentation, but when I was little I was the kid who took their toys apart to find out how they worked. And what I do now is not much different to that. I love getting my hands dirty with new technology, asking lots of questions, poking around at it, and--sometimes--breaking it entirely. How else can you find out what’s inside? The difference between 1987-me and 2017-me is that now I also get to do the next part: teaching other people how it works. Teaching is an incredible joy, because you get to experience the journey of discovery over and over again, through your learners.
Reading the instructions is the last thing you do before finally giving up and calling a help desk, and admitting failure is not something that comes easy to any of us.
One of the first things you learn as a new technical writer is to understand the situation your reader is in when they come to the things you write. Let’s face it, no one picks up a technical manual because it’s a rollicking tour de force, full of humour and pathos, with a cracking twist in the end. Generally, by the time you come to a manual, you’ve already tried and failed to do the thing you were attempting to do. Reading the instructions is the last thing you do before finally giving up and calling a help desk, and admitting failure is not something that comes easy to any of us. As a writer, I constantly keep that in mind. There’s a maxim in documentation circles, that you don’t go to a hardware store because you need a drill, you go because you need a hole. My reader’s goal is not to read a manual, it’s to solve a, sometimes very specific, problem. With that in mind, I’m creating the Academy from the ground up, starting from understanding who our readers are, and what goals they’re trying to achieve. I’m also ensuring it will be extensible, so we can continue to grow the Academy over time, continually offering new qualifications, on topics that are relevant to you and the things you need to achieve.
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The Academy is going to be the place where we keep the most expert knowledge of Codebots. It will provide access to the (human) minds behind the bots, who can help us understand what the codebots are capable of, and the best way to speak bot and keep them ticking along nicely, writing all that code. Academy certifications will be your fast track to success with Codebots, from teaching you how to use the Dashboard, to getting you skilled up in building your code and producing a great looking interface.
Codebots is incredibly exciting to me, not just because it’s neat tech, but because I can’t wait to get to know our community and find out what it is that drives you.
Through my work on the Codebots Academy, I hope to be able to take you with me on a journey of discovery as we find out what Codebots can do to help you achieve your goals. Whether you dream of a small website or a complicated app, Codebots can help you create that, and the Academy can teach you how to do it in the best way.
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for early access.