New Community Builder: flight of the bumblebee

by Tiah Goldstein, Sep 04, 2017

My name is Tiah Goldstein and I am the newest member of the Codebots Community team.
I have been involved in the development and building of communities ever since I can remember. Looking back at the way I was raised, I don’t think I really had a choice in my path.. 
My parents are the tree-hugging granola-munching hippie kind. They believed in peace, love and understanding, and forging your own path. 
By the time I was 7 years old, I had helped my parents build a ferro cement sailing boat in my grandparents backyard, lived on the boat for a year, travelled around Europe in a campervan and was the youngest founding member of an intentional community in Israel.
My parents also taught me how to question everything, think independently, and encouraged me to make decisions that would lead to gaining new perspectives and expand my worldview as much as possible. They instilled strong values around the importance of community, social justice and being a part of the solution, rather then the problem. 
Being a slightly competitive person, I really had no other choice but to try and top my parents sense of adventure, curiosity and insatiable thirst for learning. 
When I moved to Australia six years ago, I had already lived in four other countries, and had three or four career evolutions, worked with a deep diversity of communities, organisations and individuals, including; corporate leadership, military, indigenous groups, federal government, community organisations, and international rugby teams. 
(My favourite was being an unofficial queen of a remote island, taking people on deep wilderness immersions, playing tag with oil executives, connecting federal government and indigenous communities, and creating community engagement strategies for corporates.)
( take that mom and dad :) ) 

I am a big believer that taking control of your own destiny is imperative to your own happiness. Entrepreneurship and startups are one of the pathways that is most exciting to me. Being a natural innovator, creative thinker and problem solver, I can see the potential that startups have in creating positive changes in the world. 
It is also a time and  place where we are seemingly becoming more disconnected – and where the importance of creating common experiences and providing pathways for connection and shared experiences is vital. 
I often compare my life and career path to that of the flight of a bumble bee. It is very non linear, shifts and moves based on what sparks my interest. I see the world in pictures, patterns and associations.  I am interested in many many things, which is great for trivia nights ( did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?) fantastic for seeing trends and making connections and leaps between sectors and topics that might not be clearly seen. 
It might not be obvious to those who take a look from the outside about the connection between all of the different pathways I have taken along the way, but to me it is pretty clear. My natural inclination is to find common ground with everyone, and connect them to others around them who might help them along their journey. 
To me we are all one big community that are all looking for the same things, a sense of belonging, value and to feel understood. My intention with every interaction I have is to create space for that person or group to experience one of those feelings. 
I am very excited to be a part of the team at Codebots. The software and approach is a game changer, and has the beauty of being able to help many different individuals and interest groups. Being able to be involved with the building of the community from ground zero is a rare privilege.