Venturer Mission II: Resilience training in the wilds of Tassie

by Tiah Goldstein, Nov 03, 2017

This time next week, myself and 17 other community leaders will be braving the Tassie wilderness. There’ll be whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, bush TV (campfires) and lots and lots of stars. There’ll even be motivational speakers! What there won’t be is hotels or mobile phones or sleep-ins.

It’s called the Venturer Program, and it’s the brainchild of former QLD Chief Entrepreneur Mark Sowerby and Ben Southall, the man who landed the Best Job in the World gig.

Why I love the Venturer Program

Venturer is a seven-day mission designed to take Queensland entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem leaders on an adventure that tests and trains mental and physical grit and determination. 

But what does spending time in the wilderness have anything to do with startups you ask?

The key words here are resilience and connection.


Resilience has emerged as one of the more important traits you need to be successful in the startup space. Aside from learning how to overcome setbacks and change perspectives, resilience is also about stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning how to move through the discomfort that comes with growth. And what better place to remind yourself of this than time in the wilderness?
Check out Matt and I’s training montage, do we look resilient yet?
Codebots is breaking new ground--it is basically code that writes code. The bot is designed to do the heavy lifting. On average, 92% of the software code is written by a codebot, so you can spend less time coding and more time creating. 

Building communities for leading-edge ideas always come with a multitude of challenges. So far, I have encountered challanges around creating a positive narrative around the future of work.

Many people are concerned that recent developments in the tech space, such as Codebots, are a threat--who needs developer when you have a codebots, right?

Learning how to navigate and through this complex (and close to the heart) topic is not easy. Balancing between ensuring people are heard whilst building a positive experience and narrative can at times feel like one step forward three steps back. We want to that shares our passion about the creative potential Codebots will unlock- creating that inclusive narrative comes with a lot of trial and error. Building my resilience muscle will help me weather the storms that are involved with foraging new paths. It will also help me be a better community builder and a better human.


The program is also an awesome opportunity to meet and create meaningful deep connections with other community leaders and entrepreneurs. Mission II participants include community builders (like me), tech gurus (like WorkingMouse CTO Matt Francis) and Randall Makin co-founder of Red Eye among others. Expanding networks and building stronger relationships is key to Venturer. A stronger, more connected ecosystem is exactly what Queensland needs to pull ahead in the startup edition of State of Origin.

Still not convinced that Venturer is awesome and that you need to be on Mission III? Check out this video recapping Mission I.

Why you want to be on Venturer III

To thrive in the modern world, let alone the startup space, you need resilience and strong relationships.

In his book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, John Maxwell explains that while we don’t like admitting that we were wrong (not even to ourselves!), we have to do it! Ignoring mistakes is pointless. It doesn’t undo the past. It doesn’t do anything!

Venturer is designed to grow your resilience muscle, expand your networks and make you a better entrepreneur or community leader. So get on out there, discover who you really are and watch yourself grow into who you can be.

Can’t wait to see you on the Venturer III recap video.

Advance Queensland

The Venturer Program and The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur are part of the Queensland government’s $420 million Advance Queensland initiative, a collaboration between entrepreneurs, industry, universities and government to harness the Queensland ideas and create new businesses and verticals.
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