Developing software: Too many moving parts? Get control!

by Rosie Odsey, Nov 14, 2017

Software development projects can get messy. For starters, you need a team around you (including designers, developers and leaders). Each team member will have unique skills, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Once you have assembled your team, you need to track everyone's progress towards their goals as well as your team's overall progress. You also need to keep track of changing goals, designs, and builds, identify problems in your designs and bugs in your code.

To keep a long story short, controlling software development projects isn't all that easy. To make matters worse, even seemingly small oversights can sometimes have massive consequences. There really is no room for error.

For example, if you don't track your team's progress or the health of your code, you risk an individual missing deadlines or even an unfinished feature being marked 'complete'. Either one of these could have serious consequences, from a disgruntled employee, to a disgruntled customer.

How Codebots helps

Codebots helps you and your team keep control of your projects by giving you information. Codebots is an all-in-one platform (where you can plan, design, build, and test, all in one place), so the dashboards give you a bird's eye view of your entire project.

Codebots puts managers into the driver's seat by bringing all aspects of project management together into one platform.

From planning to testing

Agile methodologies are at our heart, so you can express your requirements through epics and user stories, keep track of your backlog and sprint process, and Codebots will also grade your test coverage. Tests can be linked with user stories and epics with the Traceability Matrix, so everyone knows what's being tested and if those tests are passing.


Codebots also uses environments innovatively, to ensure you can switch seamlessly from developing your project, through beta testing, and into production.

Codebots has your back

Codebots won’t let you flail around in the dark. It shows you your project’s progress, helps you to identify red flags or bottlenecks, and lets you focus your energy where it’s needed most: on getting your project out the door and into the arms of your users. By letting the bots handle the nitty gritty details, you can focus on the big problems, manage expectations, and enjoy the real work of guiding your team towards the goal.
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for early access.