Supercharge your app development with a codebot

by Indi Tansey, Jul 03, 2017

What's so special about a codebot? What can it do that a developer can't? Here are three of Codebots' killer features.
This article will explore how the Codebots platform delivers these killer features. Let's start with faster delivery speeds.

The delivery speeds achieved by using Codebots are the result of code-writing bots writing massive amounts on code on behalf of their human pilots. The idea is a human can give a codebot instructions faster than they could carry out the tasks themselves. This is all great in theory, but it's even better in practice. 

Custom software developers, WorkingMouse, have used the platform to test and build a number of projects. Based on their experience, we have created the following table to illustrate the impact that Codebots has on their delivery times.
The results speak for themselves. On average, an agile custom software development team powered by a codebot is four times faster than a regular team. (So far, but we keep are getting even quicker!)

This raises the question, if a codebot writes massive amounts of code in mere seconds, why is WorkingMouse only four times faster?

That's because writing code is only one part of the puzzle. For starters, some time is needed to write instructions for your codebots. In addition, although Codebots has other features for the planning and designing phases of the development process, these remain mostly human domains. This means Codebots accelerates some aspects of custom software development more than others.

Another way the Codebots platform empowers teams is through its array of testing features. These include automatic testing and integration with Jenkins and Cucumber. Coupled with the time-savings discussed above, developers using Codebots have more tools and time for quality control. Because of this, developers using Codebots can write better quality code.

Codebots' final killer feature is maximum control. The Codebots platform uniquely allows a team to plan, design, build, and test on one platform. This affords teams and managers more control as checking progress is a simple as opening a dashboard.

Supercharging your projects, not replacing your developers

Codebots eliminates the toil of repetitive coding, but it does not eliminate developers. By reducing manual tasks, developers are free to create, experiment, explore. As a human being, we are, by nature, creative and curious. This is where we will always have the edge over machines. Codebots allows developers to find novel ways of solving problems or adding new features that will enhance the overall user experience.

In other words, less time coding = more time creating. A developer who can write more code faster is a developer who can revolutionise how problems are solved. Welcome to the future of coding.
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for early access.