Breaking down tech barriers in Bundaberg

by Tiah Goldstein, Aug 25, 2017

Last week, being my second week as community builder with Codebots, I packed my bags and joined Eban and Indi for a quick trip to Bundaberg.
The purpose of the trip was to connect and build relationships with regional areas, where there may be more technological limitations than other central locations, and see how the Codebots platform can solve some of those issues, and open up the door for more innovation and global opportunities.
Confession time, I am a pseudo-geek. This means that while I love technology and am fascinated by the opportunities and potential it holds, I am not a software designer, have never coded and can’t speak many of the languages that real geeks are fluent with. My strengths lie more on the people side of things, connecting with and building community, not with building software (yet!) no matter how cutting edge and futuristic it is. 
I can see the potential that Codebots can bring, but until my recent trip to Bundaberg, I was not really able to truly understand the true power that it can have and who it ca