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  • The necessity of cloud migration is matched by its complexity. Here are five technical challenges you will need to overcome when effecting your migration.
  • 6 easy steps to legacy cloud migration

    by Serena Reece, Oct 01, 2018

    There's no valid reason to continue maintaining old, legacy systems for Desktop and local networks. Whether you're migrating to a new premises, closing a data centre, conducting a major organisational change, or simple replacing existing infrastructure at the end of an outsourcing contract, legacy migration can seem daunting. Daunting or not, legacy migration is necessary.
  • Cloud migration for Access databases in minutes

    by Mitchell Tweedie, Sep 10, 2018

    United Postal Service (UPS) has invested billions of dollars into analytics and captured over 17 petabytes of data (equivalent to 225 years of high-definition video). Using this data, UPS annually saves 38 million litres of fuel and delivers 350,000 more packages.
  • Evolution is an integral part of life. We change, we adapt, we discover better ways to get things done. “This is the way we have always done it” is no longer a valid excuse; there exists no logical sense in sticking to the norm if there is a better way.
  • Navigating software licensing models

    by Yianni Stergou, Jan 23, 2018

    It’s easy to see why the first step for most after completing a project is usually to monetise. While there are a number of ways to monetise, some types of software licensing are growing in popularity among project owners as a method of monetisation.