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  • A legacy system is any software that is deployed into your organisation. It does not matter if the software is something off-the-shelf or has been custom built, the day it is deployed into your organisation is the day legacy begins.
  • Scaling up your software/people fit

    by Serena Reece, Aug 23, 2019

    Imagine being forced to work with temperamental legacy systems that hinder your productivity and slow you down. When your company endorses software that is difficult to use, it is incredibly likely (and common!) that your employees will seek out alternative applications that make their lives easier. Suddenly, your organisation is overrun by shadow IT, which is a burden on business agility. It is extremely important to make sure that the software you use fits the people using it.
  • The future of cloud computing

    by Hayden Steel, Oct 29, 2018

    The cloud is not just the future of computing, it's the present, and yet millions of organisations around the world are still relying on outdated, legacy applications. These legacy systems come in a range of shapes and sizes, which only complicates cloud migration initiatives.
  • The necessity of cloud migration is matched by its complexity. Here are five technical challenges you will need to overcome when effecting your migration.
  • 6 easy steps to legacy cloud migration

    by Serena Reece, Oct 01, 2018

    There's no valid reason to continue maintaining old, legacy systems for Desktop and local networks. Whether you're migrating to a new premises, closing a data centre, conducting a major organisational change, or simple replacing existing infrastructure at the end of an outsourcing contract, legacy migration can seem daunting. Daunting or not, legacy migration is necessary.