Codebots for App Development.

Plan, build and test applications on our platform and let our codebots write a human-readable code base for the tech stack of your choice to customise.

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Map out your project using boards. Configurable status columns can help you track issues throughout development.


The Codebots visual builder comes with pre-built "behaviour" functionality, like users and forms, that you can drag-and-drop into your application to save time.


Based on Scratch's interface, the test section gives you the ease and peace of mind of a tested application, minimising the manual coding required.


Codebots create a git repository for your souce code complete with full bot-written documentation, API and developer notes. You can now run your application on any local environment.


C#Bot is a server-side codebot, writing C# code. C# is one of the most popular programming languages, used by over a third of software developers. C#Bot pairs with React front end for full-stack development.

Frameworks for Full Stack Development.

Model your front and back end on Codebots to create your 100% developer-readable code base. Your team can customise the bot-written code, with a focus on creating unique solutions for your business.

Codebots come with support documentation including articles and videos to help you make the most of the platform and customise your code.

Reusable Behaviour Functionalities

When making your application, Codebots has pre-built a range of common application functionalities to save you time and money. Our bots then write the behaviours to suit your business, which you can customise in your application.


Our advanced form functionality has templates that allow you to build dynamic document and surveys.


Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) allows you to easily edit and maintain your databases.

Developer API

Our application programming interface enables collaboration and connection with third-party applications across the web.


Create wizards and use workflows to model your business logic and streamline your processes.


The User behaviour adds attributes and functionality to an entity within your application such that each instance of the entity is a user within the system.

Coming soon

We have more Behaviours coming soon on our timeline.

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Rapid application development platform that helps builds apps up to 8.3 times faster.

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Drag-and-drop visual builder that produces reliable, bot-written code for up to 92% of your app.

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Customise your source code and maintain ownership of your IP with no vendor lock-in.