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We started Codebots with the mission to help humans engineer awesome software by getting to the heart of technology challenges faster. We do this by living our company values day in, day out.

Bots that code + humans who create.

It is our vision for humans and codebots to work better together. Whenever a new technology is introduced there are always skeptics, doubt and even fear. We believe that responsible use of Codebots has the potential to set humans free from repetitive, mind numbing activities, and opens up new possibilities for the future of work.

Codebots are fantastic at finding patterns and doing the heavy lifting on software projects, but it's the humans of an organisation who are able to be adaptive, think creatively, and be resilient in the face of technological and cultural change.

Technology with heart.

This is where you come in. We have a seriously ambitious roadmap, the potential of our vision has yet to be fully realised, and we can't do it alone.

Being part of the Codebots community means participating in the future that we're building, whether that be test piloting our tools, sharing the stories we tell, attending the events that we support, or being a champion of a bot-powered future where heart is always in balance with technology.

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