Sydney has community managers swarming

by Tiah Goldstein, Oct 04, 2017

Narrative is important—in fact getting your narrative right is one heck of a journey of constant course corrections and evolution. Finding the right words to describe something is a skill that can take years to develop.
I often get asked what is it that I do. When I say community, I often get blank stares or a confused look which may include comments such as, “oh, social media?”
Finding the proper narrative for what I do has been a constant challenge in my life and seeing that it occupies about 80% of my time, finding a solution to this is vital. 
There are things that I can do quite naturally such as strike up conversations with random strangers, find common ground and connect unlikely people together, and have three conversations going all at once, however, translating that into something that people can easily visualise and wrap their head around can be a bit more challenging.
When I joined the Codebots team as a community builder, I was hoping that all of those questions I was often asked about would disappear, and that it would be clear: Hey I am a community builder! I build community...
To be honest, when I joined Codebots, I was not 100% clear on what I would be doing, nor was I able to understand the depth of commitment towards having community as an equal partner in the development of the Codebots brand and product.

Enter the SWARM conference