Developer Docs

Bot version upgrade process

It is important you keep your application as up to date as possible. The longer at you leave an upgrade, the harder it will be for you to catch up. Upgrading your bot means you can get access to more extensions, bug fixes, and more protected regions, depending on what has been released.

To see what version of the bot you are on, navigate to one of the Build diagrams and take a look in the top-right corner.


Upgrading your bot

When a new version of your bot becomes available, you will see a link to ‘Upgrade Bots’ in the top left-hand corner of your Build diagrams. If you are on the latest version for your bot, then it will instead say (Latest Version) next to your version number.


When you click on the ‘Upgrade Bots’ button, a modal will appear detailing what is involved in the upgrading process.


Each release which goes out on the Platform comes with its own set of release notes. These notes detail what new features were released, any improvements and bug fixes which were included, and any migrations which may be required to go from the older version to the new. All the release notes, for both the bots and the Platform, are available in the Release Notes book in the Library.

When you go upgrade your bot, it is important you look at the Migration Path section in the linked notes, as that will tell you what you need to do when you upgrade. Otherwise you risk losing your work or having things break on you. Some upgrades will have a migration path and some will not, depending on the changes involved.

Once your bot has been updated, click on the ‘Build application’ button to build your app with the latest bot versions.

The whole process looks a little like this:


Manual upgrade requests

Most releases on the Platform can now be done automatically, but sometimes when there has been a particularly complex release it needs to be a manual process assisted by our developers. When that is the case, you instead need to submit an upgrade request, and your modal will instead look like this at the bottom: