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Building and Validation

To build the application you have made, you need only click on the orange build button (which is on every diagram). You will be taken to a new screen while the bot builds your code, where you can see a progress bar and a live console in the background.

The first time you build, it will take longer than subsequent builds. This is because the bot must set up all the folders for the first time.

If there are issues with the validation of any of your diagrams, then the build will be interrupted and a modal will show informing you of the issue. There are two types of validation issues: warning and errors. Warnings are minor issues which would not necessarily break the build, and you can choose to continue on past them if you wish. Errors are breaking issues which mean the build cannot go ahead until it has been fixed.

If you experience either issue type, you can cancel the build and go back to the diagram editor to resolve the issue. On each diagram will be a number highlighting the number of issues in it. In the entity diagram, problem entities are highlighted in either yellow or red, and a list of problems is available on the right-hand side where the properties panel normally sits. If you select a particular entity, that problem list will filter to only show issues with the selected entity. Once all the validation issues have been resolved, you can attempt to build again.

If the build is successful, you will be taken to the fireworks page, where you can watch the bot create and write to all of the files within your repository. There are also statistics around the percentages of bot-written vs. human-written code. If you wish, you can click and drag on the fireworks and take a closer look, or even click on one of the nodes to navigate to that file on the repository.

Click on the close button in the right-hand top corner to close the fireworks and return to the build.

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