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Protected Region Request Process

Protected regions have been added in strategic locations based upon feedback from different projects. However, as every project is unique, there may not always be a protected region in the location required.

The following process describes how to request a new protected region:

  1. Record the location of the required protected region, both file, and line numbers as well as the reason 1.

    For example, the details to include may appear as follows:

    FilePath: serverside/src/main/java/com/springbot/workflow/lib/services/email/
    Location: Image

    Reason: Set a default subject line for all emails.

  2. Go to the Forum, to the Protected Region requests category.
  3. Create a new topic, using the button at the top-right of the list.
  4. In the text area, include all the information gathered above using the outline which is provided. Also mention to us how urgently you need the fix to happen 2.
  5. Save your topic when you are done. This will notify the Codebots team, and they will respond to acknowledge your request once they have seen it.
  6. If we have any questions, we will tag you in a comment on your topic.
  7. We will inform you (in the comments) when the new bot version containing your protected region is available for your use.
  1. The reason is included as there are cases where there are alternative ways to achieve the same outcome with the existing protected regions. 

  2. The priority is important in assisting the customer support team in providing the best support possible. 

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