Developer Docs

What is a codebot?

The codebots are software robots who write code alongside your team. A codebot helps build better quality software faster, and with greater reuse, which results in greater business agility.

The codebots write code which looks human-made, eliminating most of the frustrations typically associated with code generators and low-code platforms. The codebots focus on the heavy lifting parts of software development, freeing up the humans to work on the more complex and creative parts of the application.

The bots are able to work alongside the team, committing code to a repository where the humans can then pull the code and write more, as though the bots were just another team member to work with. This collaboration is achieved through the means of protected regions in the code. Humans write code inside those protected regions, which are then preserved the next time the codebot writes anything.


To learn more about what the bots can build, take a look at What can the codebots build?
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