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What is a feature?

On the Codebots Platform, the word ‘feature’ refers to the pieces of functionality which come built into every bot-written app. They are based upon the core elements which are are included in pretty much every application ever built, the foundations which make them usable.

If you think of making an app like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, the features are like getting a puzzle which already has the border pieces stuck together ready to go. Your puzzle (or app) already has a structure, and you can build off it as you require.

The features are built into every app which you make with the codebots, though it up to you to decide how much you want to use them.

What features come with the bots?

For each feature, the guidelines tell us the following:

Feature Functionality Use cases Default capabilities Custom capabilities
CRUD Feature Overview Managing structured data Data entry and maintenance Create, read, update, and delete data. Search, filtering, validation, sorting and pagination of data. Data transformation, custom validation
Developer API Feature Overview Accessing data Third-party integration, microservice architecture Accessing data Data aggregation, custom extensions
Admin Management of application Manage extension configuration, data maintenance portal An administration portal to allow management of your application from development through to production. When coupled with the CRUD feature, full data governance is unlocked through the addition of a data table for each entity in your application. For each extension, additional configuration options become available. Admin only views and features.
Security Ensures your application is secure against unauthorised access. Restrict access to API resources and pages. AAA of security. Authentication, authorisation and auditing. By default no resource can be accessed without being authenticated, and all operations are audited. Alternative authentication providers and authorisation rules.

What is the difference between extensions and features?
Features are the functionality which is built into your application by default. They can’t be removed, though you can choose to not use them. Extensions are functionality which you need to deliberately choose to include in your application. Both of them can be augmented with custom code. Want to know how to get more out of your Codebots app and save development time? Check out our Extensions available on Codebots.

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