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What is software regression?

In software development, regression refers to the process of a project regressing, or returning to a previous state. A regression is the introduction of a change that adversely affects existing features or functionality. As such, it is common for a regression to be observed as a bug.

How do you manage regression bugs?

In managing the risks posed by regression, it is essential to consider the future vulnerabilities of the given feature(s). This can be done through testing.

Regression testing

There are multiple methods for regression testing. Automated testing is the most common method, which is done by automatically re-running both the functional and non-functional tests after each new change is implemented. This checks that all previously functioning software and tests are behaving as expected.

There are a number of other regression testing methods that can also be useful.

Check out our article on Managing regression with a codebot for more information on bots and regression.

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