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Bots that Code

We created a playbook for our community to share the strategies, tactics and activities that shrink the risk but maximise the value of Codebots technologies.


Eban Escott, Indi Tansey

Bots that Code

About the book

Business agility can be positively impacted through a process of continuous modernisation. Continuous modernisation is a strategy for legacy systems to ensure the software fits the people using it. When a software/people fit is found, momentum is gained by the organisation and business agility is increased.


Discover digital transformation and develop and continuous modernisation mindset within your organisation.

Legacy systems

Deep dive into the root causes, limitations and inescapable truths around legacy systems and discover the benefits of migration.

Strategy and tactics

Create your continuous modernisation strategy and plan your unique competitive tactics.

Codebots: Discover the bots.

Learn how they work and how they can help you transform your business.

Migration Kit

Practical activities to assist you with a successful digital transformation. Access resources for the Story Estimation and Entity Requirements online.

Modernise, continuously.

Prepare yourself for the future, be proactive with your strategy, and aim for continuous improvement.

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