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The enterprise experiment.

Codebots Field Trials

We invited Queensland enterprises with internal development resources to participate in a one week trial. During that week, we assigned one project team (consisting of a web developer, UX designer, tools engineer and a codebot) to develop or work on their top priority. At the end of the week, we asked the participants how long it would’ve taken them to build the same application using traditional software development, without a codebot.


Codebots team

Codebots Field Trials


Codebots Field Trials Codebots Field Trials Codebots Field Trials Codebots Field Trials Codebots Field Trials

The results

Apps built

We built 7 apps for companies across 5 different industries.

Implementation speed

We were 8.3 times faster than traditional development.

Days saved

We saved 252 days of development time.

Lines of code

Our bots wrote 143,453 (93%) lines of code vs 10,864 (7%) lines by human developers.

Use cases

A chat interface with CRM integration and identity verification; and a business specific calculator based on geolocation.

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