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The Way of Working.

The Way of Working is our mission and values being represented into manual on deliverying good quality software and services. We are so proud of the Way of Working we want to share it with the world!

There's more to our Channel Partners than our award-winning technology. Our Way of Working keeps us organised, focused, and 100% transparent. Our agile process is comprised of 5 phases: Brief, Scope, Development, Environments, and Support, but that's barely scratching the surface.

  1. Finding the right briefs.
  2. Generating sales
  3. Scoping for users
  4. Agile development
  5. Supporting your customers.

Version 1.0 - 2/2019

What's inside.

Break down the five stages of software development and deep dive methods on successfully navigating through them.

Finding the right briefs.

Find the right way to extract the knowledge you need to create a pre-sale brief. Extracting requirements at a high level and giving your team a head start to scoping.

Generating sales.

Running the initial client meeting and instilling trust in your company's ability to deliver. By being transparent in your processes and methodologies you can improve conversion rates.

Scoping for users.

Scoping of project can be a daunting and unpredictable. The Discovery Kit activities can bring clarifty to a project in just four steps.

Agile development.

Agile development that is done right! While ensuring that customers and development teams are in constant harmony.

Supporting your customers.

Detailed support plans for providing customers with the confidence and peace of mind. Channel Partners can utilise the supportive power of RogueTwo that are here to Save the Day.

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