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The Way of Working

Award-winning technology is one thing, but there's so much more to delivering awesome software and services. Through trial and experimentation, we've refined our strategy, and created The Way of Working (WoW). 'Our agile method is comprised of 5 phases:' brief, scope, development, environments and support. The WoW keeps Codebots organised, focused, and 100% transparent. Now we're sharing our process, so businesses worldwide can revolutionise the way they work.


Codebots team

The Way of Working

About the book

Your guide to navigating the software development landscape with ease.

Find the right briefs

Engage in more meaningful conversations with potential customers to gain the knowledge you need for an effective project brief.

Generate sales

Through full process transparency, improve conversion rates by building trust based relationships with clients.

Scope for users

Gain meaningful insight into user needs and create effective solutions using a toolkit of human-centered design activities.

Develop faster and smarter

Break development tasks into quick, iterative cycles to receive real-time feedback and maintain customer satisfaction.

Support your customers

Create customised support plans that promote customer confidence.

Revolutionise your business

Develop a process for your business and teams to work effectively and efficiently.

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