Frequently asked questions.

Looking under the hood of Codebots. These FAQ's are designed to shine a light on how the Codebots platform works.

You can use Codebots as a free trial for seven days. No credit card required and if you need to extend your free trial period, you can book a chat with our customer success team who can help you make the most of Codebots.

When your free trial lapses, your access to Codebots will be paused but your apps will be kept safe on the platform, ready for your return.

Codebots' pricing is designed for flexibility and is billed monthly. You can cancel and resume your access to Codebots as needed. When you cancel your licence, all your projects are kept safe and ready for your return.

You do, we have no vendor lock-in! Our codebots work as though they are part of your team, meaning you own all the code written for your application, and your application’s intellectual property. If you choose to leave, we won’t charge to keep your code.

Developers are key to the application getting built, since writing custom code is (almost always) required, but you do not have to be a developer to oversee and understand the Platform. Codebots is designed to be usable for all members of a development team, from product owners to the developers themselves. Wherever your role fits in the development lifecycle, you can use Codebots to help!

Codebots can help you create a whole range of software, with varying coverage based on your requirements. They specialise in web-based applications, but the tech stacks used by the bots are easy to repurpose for mobile applications. Our extensions (reusable business logic) also make it very easy to build certain concepts, but you can always rely on the bots to manage your database structure or legacy migration. Even if any of the extensions don’t fit your project requirements, Codebots can set up the file and data structure for your git repository helping you get started on your idea with amazing velocity.

Introductory webinars

We run regular introductory webinars to show you an overview of how Codebots work and answer any further questions you might have.

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