Field trials.

Codebots work with developers to change the traditional software process. Through this visual representation, the codebots can write on average, 92% of the code base. We know that Codebots adds value to software projects. The Codebots Field Trials was launched as an experimental framework to demonstrate just how much.

The hypothesis.

The Codebots Field Trials puts our bots to the test with real-world projects. We predict a codebot working alongside human developers will deliver more value to a software project compared to a team without a codebot in the same amount of time.

The experiment.

To test our hypothesis we invited Queensland enterprises with internal development resources to participate in a one week trial. During that week, we assigned one project team (consisting of a web developer, UX designer, tools engineer and a codebot) to develop or work on their top priority. At the end of the week, we presented what we were able to build and asked participants a range of questions. The primary form of measurement was asking these organisations how long it would have taken them to build the same application using traditional software development methodologies.

In exchange, they retained all the source code created during the week and the applications remained on a beta environment.

Lines of code.

Our bots were able to write 143,453 lines of code.

Implementation speed.

We were 8.3 times faster than normal development.

Days saved.

We saved 252 days of development time.

Companies engaged.

We worked with 7 companies across 5 different industries.

The Results.

Over the course of the first round of field trials the bots were able to write 93% of the codebase with our human developers adding the complex business logic through the remaining 7%. On average, a human team working alongside a codebot was 8.3x faster than a traditional team.


Apps created


Survey Responses


Human written lines


Bot written lines


Satisfaction rating


Days saved


said it was faster


Faster with bots

The Feedback.

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