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Future of work: Australian founders are increasingly young, women and foreign-born

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Startup Muster’s 2017 report is chock full of interesting facts and figures. For example, did you know 2.4% of 2017 founders are over 60 years old? Now you do. Here’s another 3 (even more interesting) tidbits from Startup Muster 2017.

#1 Queensland = #StartupState

While we still lag behind our bigger brothers south of the Tweed River, over 21% of Australian startups are located in Queensland. This is double Western Australia and 50% more than Victoria. Plus, regional Queensland accounts for over 6% of Australian startups. This is well above regional Victoria and Western Australia. Go Queensland!

#2 Australian founders are getting more diverse

Australian founders are increasingly young, women and foreign-born. There’s also a trend away from business backgrounds and towards technical and creative backgrounds.

The good news is that the gender gap is (slowly) closing. Since 2014, the percentage of founders who are female has risen from 16.1% to 25.4%!

Interestingly, over 35% of Australian founders were born outside of Australia (and 16% of startups employ people on working visas). This raises several questions about our education system and visa program.

The obvious question is why do we need foreign-born workers when our universities are world class? (Australia has 6 universities in the top 100, only the United State, United Kingdom and Germany have more.)

#3 Australian founders need more software more desperately

For those of us in the software development industry, the good news is 46% of founders described their startup as SaaS (Software as a Service), 23% said iOS app, 20% said API, and 20% said Android app. Tech is rising and thinking about the future of work is exciting. However, over one-third of founders lack technical skills and wish they (or a co-founder) could develop their ideas in-house.

What we would like to see is more founders being about to develop their ideas themselves, with less reliance on outsourced technical experience.

Codebots is our solution. Using Codebots, founders with smaller, less tech-savvy teams can do more with less time and resources. This empowers Australian founders by offering more control over their startups’ destinies.

If you like reading things in full, click here for Startup Muster 2017.

Last updated: 12 February 2020

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