Women, diversity, and a bot powered future

by Kath Escott, Mar 08, 2018

Deloitte says 50% of the things we do for work can be automated!

In a future where humans and bots are working alongside each other, uniquely human traits (sometimes known as soft skills) are more important than ever.

And because technology reflects the people who build it, having a diverse team becomes crucial to building a tool like Codebots.
To celebrate International Women's Day, we went for lunch and discussed the special human talents that we call on in our roles at Codebots.

Women in tech

As technology propels us into the future (automation, AI, etc.), we have to prepare ourselves for the ride. With half our population being female, we can't do this without the perspective of the female brain. Everyone brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table: men, women, designers, developers, Trekkies, everyone.

Emotional intelligence, communication skills, social skills and empathy are skills of the future. These are things bots do poorly, which means they are things humans should strive to do awesomely.

Balancing the gender ratio is just one part of a bigger picture. Diversity includes perspectives and skills. And diversity is increasingly becoming a higher priority as we realise diversity in the workplace is good business.

Real women; real stories

To celebrate International Women's Day, nine amazing women went out for lunch and discussed the soft skills that they call on in their roles at Codebots.
Jordie (UX Designer) " Reframing a problem
"It's so important to be able to approach a problem from many directions so that you can come up with different solutions. A bot can't shift its perspective and think about a problem in a new way."
Lana (Academy Lead) " Empathy
"Empathy is helpful for being able to understand all the stakeholders, so you can gather information and ensure you're delivering the right result. If you put garbage in, you get garbage out!"
Monika (Developer) " Patience
"If you don't understand something you can ask someone to explain it a different way, a bot can repeat it to you a thousand times, but doesn't have the ability or patience of a human to make sure that you understand."
El (Growth Hacker) " Perception & Intuition
I read a person's facial expressions and body language to determine whether it matches what they're saying, someone might say one thing but their actions counteract it" then I make a decision based on this information.
The responses of these women revealed some common threads. Improved gender diversity has brought positive change to Codebots, women can bring a different way of thinking to solve a problem and the energy in the workplace has been enhanced by having more people and perspectives.

We're really proud of the diverse team we're assembling and believe it's the key to building a truly inclusive software development tool like Codebots.

Have a great #IWD2018 y'all!