Use the Codebots C# code generator to quickly get your project off the ground by configuring options and modelling your app structure.

  • Diagram database builder
  • CRUD API optionally included
  • Easily customisable configuration
  • Source code in a zip
  • Out of the box customisable security
  • Also available on Visual Studio Code
Codebots Generate - Generate your C# codebase and bootstrap your project set-up | Product Hunt
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Step 1: Choose your tech

Select which features and options to include in your web app.

Alternatively, jump right in with what we've already selected.

Loading options

Use our visual, drag-and-drop diagramming tool.

Modify security, add/remove tech options, and more.

The codebots diagram editor in action

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Source code in a zip

Code generate by Codebots is high quality and comes with full documentation.

Code revisions

You can make revisions to your project for up to an hour after your first build.

Money back guarantee

If the code generated doesn't fit your project, contact us within 7 days for a refund.

Why Generate?

We've redefined the way software is developed. Every aspect of Generate has been designed to increase developer productivity and speed. With Generate, software developers can create a full-stack C# application, shaving weeks off their usual development time.

Simply click on each button to take a look at how you could model your applications entities, attributes, validators, or references.


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