Avoid coding repetitive business logic.

Codebots helps you to extend your application with business logic using our extensions. Extensions add this advanced functionality to your source code. We make configuring this business logic easy with an admin backend that can be accessed by your end-users inside the running application.

Example Form


Add runtime configurable forms or surveys that can capture user submissions.


The User extension allows you to control which users and groups can access particular parts of your application, including standard login and registration features.

Login Page

Data table.

Adding this front-end extension provides end-user visibility and editing of your CRUD backend.

CRUD Data Table
Workflow setup example


Runtime configurable transitions between states on an entity that allow you to implement a workflow.


Timelines is a visual tool which allows end-users to view changed information on entities over time. Use cases for this extension include audit trails and booking history.

Timelines example