For developers.

Working with a codebot.

Speed up your development workflow with fully customisable code for both server-side and client-side.

Meet the bots.

C# React


C#Bot is a full-stack bot that writes C# code, paired with a React clientside.

Spring Angular


SpringBot is a full-stack bot that writes Java code, paired with an Angular clientside.

Show the codebot what to code.

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Entity diagram.

Model your database architecture.

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Interface builder.

Layout your front-end with pages and tiles.

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Define your end user's permissions

The codebots write human readable code to your Git.

What you get out of the box.

CRUD Input Example


At the core of Codebots is the ability to model and prototype CRUD applications.

Check out an example
System admin page

Content management system.

A system for admin users to configure their application.

Login page

OWASP Security.

Our bots have been engineered with OWASP security in mind.

Security information
API Documentation example


Choose from REST API and GraphQL to integrate with your data.

Check our Swagger docs

Over to you.

You can customise the source code with protected regions. Code in these snippets will not be overwritten when you update your app on Codebots.


Here's an example to try out, type anything then rebuild!

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