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Community Onion

Assign layers of responsibility for everyone involved.

The purpose of this activity is to assign layers of responsibility and align purpose for every team member involved.


The community onion is focused on the four levels of project participation, determined by whether a team member is making strategic, tactical, operational or user decisions. This activity ensures that those at the core of the onion who are most invested in making the change, are aligned on the mission and the vision of the project.

Once this is established, its purpose is to empower the project leaders and influencers to plan how the project will take shape. When these key stakeholders understand and believe in the mission, and have influence over the project scope and resources, they are more willing to commit to a product roadmap. They essentially become project ambassadors for the operational team members who are responsible for what actually gets built.With full visibility as to why it is happening in the first place and how it is going to happen, the main project team is empowered to create exactly what the end-user requires and rally their support for the final solution.

Two-way communication between the end-user and all levels of decision-making is important throughout the project, in order to create the technical and cultural shift that ultimately results in finding the right software/people fit.

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