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Codebots Basics

Which bot is best for Me?

Short guide on how to pick the bot which is best for you and your development team.

Identifying Developer API

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Developer API behaviour.

Identifying Users

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Users behaviour.

Identifying CRUD

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the CRUD behaviour.

Identifying Workflow

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Workflow behaviour.

Identifying Forms

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Forms behaviour.

Identifying Timelines

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Timeline behaviour.

Identifying Dashboards

A guide on how to identify potential uses of the Dashboard behaviour.

Support FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about and of Codebots support.

How to submit a Legacy Migration Request

Video walkthrough on submitting a legacy migration request on the Codebots platform.

Using Academy

This article will walk you through the Academy; the place where you can expand your knowledge and become Codebots qualified.

Using the Sidebar

Jump easily between different products, sites and apps with the sidebar.

Using Team

How to view and manage all of the users who have access to your Codebots site and applications.

Using App Dashboards

The App Dashboard can be used to give you a high-level overview of your application.

Identifying Behaviours

This lesson will step you through how to conduct a Bot Behaviour Field Trial, which involves the identification of existing and new behaviours.

Introduction to the WoW

This lesson introduces the Codebots Way of Working.

Using Plan

An outline of the Plan section of the Codebots Platfom

Using Test

No software should be released without adequate testing! In this article we cover the the `Test` section in the platform.

Controlling the Diagrams

This lesson helps you learn about the different controls on the platform. Find out what button does what.

Building and Validation

This lesson takes a look at how you use Codebots to build your app, as well as how you deal with any validation issues in this process.

Using the Security Diagram

A step-by-step walkthrough of the Security Diagram on the platform, following the Timesheet example.

The User Interface Diagram

An introduction to the UI Diagram and how it works.

Using the Entity Diagram

This takes you step-by-step through the entity diagram, working through the Timesheet example project.

Setup an app

This lesson looks at how to setup an app on the Codebots platform.

Admin Section

This article will be covering what is the admin section and how you can access it.

Timelines Behaviour Overview

An introduction to the Timeline behaviour

Using the Library

Learn how to use the Codebots Library to share and discover knowledge.

Inviting and Managing Users

This article is a set of basic instructions on how you can invite your team onto Codebots

Entity Diagram Basics

This article will go over the basic terminologies and teaches how to interact with the diagram editor

Codebots Roadmap

The rough plan for the bots and the Platform going forward.

Submitting Feedback and Bugs

How you can submit feedback and suggestions to us, or inform us of any issues you have. Video walkthrough below.

What is a behaviour?

What are Codebots behaviours and how do you use them?

What is Codebots?

An introduction to Codebots and what it is capable of.

External Resources

A list of links to external resources for your use.

Production Release Checklist

This checklist is completed when the product on beta is ready to be released to production.

Beta Release Checklist

This checklist is to be completed when an iteration has finished development on the local environment and is ready to be released onto beta for testing.

Behaviour Identification Guidelines

The Behaviour Identification Guidelines define the functionality of our Codebots behaviours.

Forms Behaviour Overview

An introduction to our Forms behaviour

Workflow Behaviour Overview

An introduction to the Workflow behaviour

CRUD Behaviour Overview

An introduction to the CRUD behaviour

What is a codebot?

An introduction to to our codebots