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Beta Release Checklist

This checklist is to be completed when an iteration has finished development on the local environment and is ready to be released onto beta for testing.

Associated Documents

# Name Link
1 Cucumber Test Report
2 Cucumber UATs

Initial Release

# Item Y/N
3 Has the client/customer repo been setup and includes all of the required configuration and files?
4 Has the SSL certificate been created and uploaded to the release server by operations?
5 Have the relevant DNS entries been added to point the customers domain to the appropriate environment?


# Item Y/N
6 Has the hosting environment changed, or are there any changes required to the application configuration?
7 Has the beta database been backed up?
8 Have the SQL update scripts been written and tested?
9 Have the SQL rollback scripts been written and tested?
10 Are there any additional steps to consider for after the release? (e.g. site structure changes?)
11 Are there any scheduled shell tasks to check/activate?

Server Pre-release

| # | Item | Y/N |
| -- | ------------ | ----- | ------------------ |
| 12 | Has the js and css been minified? | |
| 13 |Have all of the repositories been correctly branched and the customers "Current Release" page been updated? | |
| 14 | Has the Definition of Done Beta been observed? | |
| 15 | Have the jenkins tests been run and cucumber test report attached? | |
| 16 |Has the application been tested across all major browsers as per our Cross Browser Testing Guide? | |
| 17 | Have existing feature branches been reviewed? | |
| 18 | Has the Security page been updated? | |
| 19 | Is the UAT page prepared for the customer? | |
| 20 | Has the client/customer been made aware of the release? | |

Mobile App Prelease

# Item Y/N
21 Is there an app release?
22 Is there a server release?
23 Have the appium tests been run?

Mobile App Build

# Item Y/N
24 Has the android keystore been saved and committed?
25 Has the release been pointed to beta/prod?
26 Has the app version/app id been set?
27 Is Google services for android/ios correct (for push notifications and others)?
28 Has the permissions list been updated (for camera usage, etc.)?

Mobile App Release

# Item Y/N
29 Has the app upgrade process been tested between the current production version and this version (dual sync update scripts)?
30 Has it been released to the correct track/id?

Mobile App Post Release

# Item Y/N
31 Has the Google Play Store version been smoke tested on Android?
32 Has the TestFlight version been smoke tested on iOS 11?
33 Has the TestFlight version been smoke tested on iOS 12?
34 Has the TestFlight version been smoke tested on iPhone X

Post Release

# Item Y/N
35 Has there been any smoke testing?
36 Have the UATs been run?
37 Has the customer been notified that the release is finished/rolled back?