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Controlling the Diagrams

This lesson helps you learn about the different controls on the platform. Find out what button does what.

Shared Controls

These controls are available in all of the diagram editors

  • Diagram Switcher: Lets you switch between the diagram types. The currently active one is highlighted in blue (top centre)
  • User List: Lists all of the users who are currently active in this diagram with you (top centre)
  • Build Application: The button to start the build process (right of centre)

Entity Diagram

  • Palette: Allows you to create things in the diagram (top-left corner)
  • Undo/Redo: Allows you to undo or redo the action you have just made (top-right corner, first and second buttons)
  • Toggle Grid View: Toggles whether the grid displays or not (top-right corner, third button)
  • Snaps to Grid: Lets elements in the diagram automatically snap to the grid when you arrange them (top-right corner, last button)
  • Mini-map: Displays a zoomed-out version of the grid so you can see where you are currently focused. Dragging it can be used to move the current view (top-right corner, under the buttons).
  • Zoom controls: Changes how zoomed in/out the diagram is (under the mini-map)
  • Properties panel: Displays when something is selected on the diagram, shows the details about the item (right-hand side of diagram)

User Interface Diagram

  • Properties panel: Shows details about the currently selected element, allows you to delete the element (right-hand side of diagram)
  • Palette Tabs: Lets you toggle between the page selector and the tile list (top-left corner)
  • Page Tab: Lets you add new pages or change the page which is currently selected (left-hand side, when Pages is the tab selected)
  • Tile Tab: For configuring the tiles on the selected page (left-hand side, when Tiles is the tab selected)

Security Diagram

See the security diagram video. This diagram is a matrix.

  • Top Row: List of all the user groups available. If one of the access buttons is clicked here, it toggles that option for all rows in the matrix.
  • Left Column: List of pages and entities which can have permission control
  • Search: Filters the pages and entities according to what is searched (top-left corner)
  • [R]: Toggleable. Lets the user group view and read the selected item.
  • [C]: Toggleable. Lets the user group create new instances of the item (not available for pages).
  • [U]: Toggleable. Lets the user group edit (update) an instance of the item (not available for pages).
  • [D]: Toggleable. Lets the user group delete an instance of the item (not available for pages).