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Submitting feedback and bugs

Submitting ideas, bugs, requests for help or errors on Codebots.

There are many scenarios where you may wish to get in touch with us regarding a problem, an idea, or something that may be confusing you.

Introducing the support slideout!

The support slideout is the one stop shop for all your support needs, it allows you to contact us with whatever is on your mind, be it an idea, bug or just a request for help.


Accessing the support slide out

The support slide out is available from anywhere on Codebots from the support navigation item. Image


Clicking on this navigation item will open the slideout so that you can get in touch, but don’t worry, this opens over the top so we won’t take you away from what you were doing!


Submitting a request

1. Select a support category


Selecting a support category can be done by clicking on one of the six categories available. Not sure which one suits your request? No worries, clicking on each one will provide you some explanatory text that will assist.

Still unsure? Just use the “I need more help” category.


2. Document your request

This is probably the most important part. Write up your feedback or issue so that we know how to help, the more information the better.


To add more context you can upload files or take a screenshot with the buttons at the bottom of the input box.


3. Booking a one to one video call

You can book in to speak to one of our team about your request by checking the one to one box before submitting.


Now that all the details have been added, it is time to submit your request.

To achieve this, click the submit button found at the bottom of the slideout.


That’s it, your request has now been sent to our support team who will contact you regarding any next steps.

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