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Submitting Feedback and Bugs

How you can submit feedback and suggestions to us, or inform us of any issues you have. Video walkthrough below.

You can submit feedback to us using the built-in feedback link in the menu. The link is located in the bottom section, and is denoted by the icon.

If you click on the link, the feedback panel will slide out. You can choose what classification to give your communication: feedback or bug.

Once you have selected the type, you can also choose a category to help specify what you are talking about. You also upload a file or take a screenshot of the current page you are on to help us see exactly what your issue is.

The feedback option is for when it feels like something is missing or could be improved upon, or if you think there is a feature which we should include. When you are submitting feedback, you can also rate how your experience has been so far using the stars.

The bug option is for when it feels like something has gone wrong or broken. In this case, please include as much detail as you can around what you were doing when it broke, and the steps you took leading up to it. Screenshots of any error messages you receive are super for helping us resolve your issue. You can also indicate out of five how much the issue is impacting your workflow.

Once submitted, your feedback will be lodged and reviewed by our team.