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The Entity Diagram controls

A basic list outlining the different controls and things you can do on the Entity Diagram.

  • Add an entity using the toolbar along the top of the diagram
  • Add an attribute by selecting an entity, clicking on the “Attribute” option in the pop-up toolbar (above the entity), then select the type of attribute you want
  • Add a relationship by hovering around the edge of one entity, clicking on the opaque green border, clicking and holding, move the mouse to the edge of the other entity, release against that one’s green border, then select the relationship type.
  • Include an enum and literals by:

    • Adding an enum from the top toolbar
    • Select the new enum, click on the “Literal” option in the pop-up toolbar (add as many as you need)
    • Add an enum type attribute to the entity you want to use the enum in
    • Drag a relationship between that attribute and the main enum
  • Add an extension by selecting the entity you want to use, clicking on the “Extension” option in the pop-up toolbar, then select the behaviour you want.
  • Edit the details of anything you select in the properties panel on the right of the diagram
  • Delete any element using the “Delete” button at the bottom of the properties panel
  • Undo, redo are in the top toolbar
  • Snap to grid and show/hide grid are in the top toolbar
  • Zoom and minimap controls are at the top of the properties panel
  • Re-arrange entities and attributes using drag and drop

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