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Timelines Behaviour Overview

An introduction to the Timeline behaviour

The Timeline behaviour is not currently available with the third-generation bots. If you would like to register interest in prioritising this behaviour, please contact us via the feedback form. For more information on the bot plans, please see our roadmap.

What is Timelines?

A timeline is a visual tool which allows users to view information on entities within the application. This log of information includes actions such as creating, updating, and deleting, following the rules laid out by the security model.

Use cases could include an audit trail, booking history, or a log of bot actions.

To help gain an understanding of how Timeline works, see the interactive prototype.

Timeline views:

Timeline can be viewed as an interactive horizontal timeline or a chronological list view. They both display logged actions which have occurred, along with the corresponding times. Timelines can display information across an entire entity, or be filtered down to look at changes made to a single record.

Using Codebots protected regions, Timelines can be customised to include:

Custom security considerations; showing a specific set of information that is not configurable with the default options.

Timelines is not suitable for:

Versions - cannot see a snapshot of the entity at a point on the timeline.

Timelines Example

View timelines

This is a screen which shows all timeline tiles within the application, their names, and the active version. It will also show if there is a draft version of the timeline being worked on. Timeline tiles are created on the Codebots Platform using the UI Diagram, but can be configured in real time from the site administration portal.

Edit timelines

Timelines cannot be created from the administration section, however they can be built and continuously configured. The tabbed navigation bar at the top of the timeline management page allows users to jump between different build modes for their workflow. During the initial creation of a timeline, users can access the Settings and Preview.

Users can cancel creation, save a draft and publish their timeline.

Under the settings tab, the user can alter the entities shown in the timeline, as well as the date range.

Timeline tiles

Timeline tiles can be placed on any page using the UI Diagram. Viewing and access permissions can be configured using the Security Diagram on the Codebots Platform.

Record-level timelines

Administrators can access record-level timelines from within the entity list view in the administration portal, against entities which have been given the Timelines behaviour on the Platform.