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Using App Dashboards

The App Dashboard can be used to give you a high-level overview of your application.

You can find your app’s Dashbaord by clicking on your app’s name in the sidebar, and then navigating to ‘See my dashboard’. The Dashboard allows you to see statistics about your application. This provides you with a convenient high-level overview of your product, and enables you to manage and improve your product more effectively.


The dashboard is split into four subcategories: App Health, Latest Test Results, Versions and Project Activity. Each category displays unique data, enabling you to easily track the progress of your application.

App health

App Health shows data about your app which focuses on the number of developed issues. It includes the total number of developed issues, and the number of developed issues both with and without tests. The number of developed issues with tests vs without tests is demonstrated by a progress bar using differentiating colour to distinguish the types. Issues with tests are shown as green, and the issues without tests are grey. App Health also has a ‘View Test’ button which allows you to view all tests in place for your developed issues.

Latest test results

The latest test results are displayed on a progress bar located directly below App Health, and are separated into four sections: Passed, Failed, Running, and Not Run. Segregated by colours; green, red, yellow and grey respectively, the progress bar allows you to clearly see the latest results of tests performed for your application.

Project activity

Situated on the far right of the Dashboard, the Project Activity section shows a number of statistics about your application, allowing you to clearly see the progress of all areas of your product. Each statistic is displayed with a unique icon to make it easy to locate the particular data you were looking for. The listed data includes: Total issues, Times the project was built, Tests written, Deploys made, Articles written, Collaborators in company, and Bot written.


Last updated: 10 July 2020

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