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Using boards in Plan

Learn how to use boards in the Plan section of the Codebots platform.

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Boards are how you can organise your issues and move them through the different Using statuses in Plan. How you use boards will depend on the way that your team works. If you have multiple development teams, you may choose to have a board for each team (this is our recommended approach, even if you only have one team, due to the way statuses and checklists are set up). Alternatively, you may choose to have separate boards for your epics or sprints/iterations and use them as a way of focusing and organising the issues.

Creating a board

To create a board, you need to be on the Boards page (which is the Plan homepage). At the bottom-right corner of the header is a ‘+ New board’ button. Click on that and enter the name of your board, hit the ‘Save’ button, then voila, your board will appear in the list.


Editing a board

Once a board has been created, you can edit its details at any time. Currently, the only details you can edit from the Board page is the name of the board. To do this, click on the ‘Edit’ button and a pop up will appear where you can update the name.


Archiving a board

You can use the archiving feature to hide old boards which you have no use for. This moves the board out of the main board list so you can keep things focused. You have the option to unarchive a board at any point.

To archive a board, locate it in the list on the Boards page and click the ‘Archive’ button at the end of the row. To view and unarchive a board, click on the ‘Show archived boards’ button at the bottom-right of the header. You can click this button again to go back to the normal view.


Currently there is no option to permanently delete a board

Viewing a board

When you view a board, you can see all of the issues in the board and what statuses they are in. To open this view, locate your board in the list and click on the ‘Show Issues’ button.


Searching for an issue

When you are in a board, you can search for issues inside of it using the search bar. The field is located just underneath the board’s title. Type the text you want to search for into the box, and the tickets below will automatically filter as you type.


The search looks at both the issue ID and the summary, so you can search for either. It is not case sensitive.

To clear your search, click on the ‘X’ button at the end of the search bar.

Last updated: 13 August 2020

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