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Using Launch

It is time to launch! Exciting times. In this article we cover the outline of the `Launch` section of the platform.

The launch section provides a way for you to version and release your application into your different environments (development, beta, production).


  • Automatic version numbers.
  • Tags your git repository.
  • Provides detailed instructions on how to compile and release your application.
  • History of builds and the environments they are in.
  • It does NOT automatically deploy the application to your servers. It is up to you to follow your own deployment process. Remember, you have access to the source code so you can deploy as per your own compliance and DevOps procedures.

How to use Launch

  1. After navigation to the Launch page, simple click the "New Build" button in the top right.
  2. The Platform will attempt to work out the next version number for your application and suggest it to you, as well as providing information on how to come up with a semantic version number.
  3. When your new version is ready, it will be available in the "Development Stage". From there, you can click the "Show deploy instructions" button and following the reaming steps to release your version into your environment.
  4. Once deployed, click the "Mark as deployed to beta" button to move your version into the next environment.