Codebots Basics.

Using Plan

An outline of the Plan section of the Codebots Platfom

The Plan section allows you to plan out the development of your application. The design of Plan is based on Agile methodologies; you have issues in a backlog, they get moved into a board or sprint, and are then progressed through statuses until they are done.

You can get to Plan by clicking the Plan link in the main left-hand navigation menu of the Platform.

Boards and backlogs

The first thing you need to know when it comes to Plan is that there are boards and a backlog. Boards are used to help the team focus on their current work. Some teams will use different boards for different sprints or epics, while others may use different boards for different teams. The backlog is the home for issues which do not currently belong to a board.

Switching from boards to backlog and back again

The boards and backlog are represented as two different views in the Plan section. To switch between them, you will need to use the buttons in the header:


These buttons are only available on the main Board list page or the Backlog. If you can’t see these buttons, or if you ever get lost, just click on the Plan button in the main menu.



To learn more about using the core components of the Plan section, you can refer to the articles below:

Other Features

Concurrent Editing

Concurrent editing allows multiple members of your team to work within Plan at the same time. As you work, everyone’s views will be updated to reflect the new changes which come through. Watch live as your team members drag and drop issues into different statuses of update the checklists.


Concurrent editing is automatically available in Plan and does not need editing. For information on inviting team members to your app, take a read of Inviting and Managing Users.

Linking to Tests

One of the struggles with building a software product is ensuring you have sufficient testing. At Codebots, we seek to make this easier by allowing you to connect tests to your Plan tickets. This can create a matrix where you can track whether each of your requirements have been tested and whether they are currently working.

For more information on linking tests, take a read of Using Test.

Last updated: 07 August 2020

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